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Currently getting over a cold, boo.

Marrow and Teej left on Monday after spending an extended weekend down here. We did our usual darts and bowling and they saw his family and did some drum corp thing as well. Always nice to have them around :) Marrow gave me her extra sewing machine (minus a part that she's going to mail) so I'm excited to make things with it. I'm looking at mostly dog things right now, since beds and junk and so expensive and I always run the risk of him eating something if I leave him with it for an extended period of time. Also looking at making a steering wheel cover... don't ask.

Hopefully be fully recovered by Saturday as I believe we're still having dinner at Taeray's house. Other than that I have nothing planned for the entire month of August, which I have a feeling is going to get a little boring, but I should get a lot done.

Flight leaves early Friday, the 31st and I'll return sometime on Saturday, the 8th with my Mom. Looking forward to spending a week in Michigan. It's been too long.

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