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Dec. 23rd, 2014 03:10 pm
mahrkale: (Batman)
[personal profile] mahrkale
Not looking for asspats, just want to word vomit about this ridiculously crappy/very off day I’m having.

This morning as I was leaving to go take Bishop to day care/grooming and Leon to the vet for boarding I noticed my check engine light would not go off, having had my truck serviced this past Saturday I was hopeful it was because of something that Ford had done (or not done). After dropping Leon off I called and they told me to bring it in as soon as I could, it was still early in the morning but I got there among a slew of other cars, called [ profile] corazon_de_leon and got dropped off at work. Ford said it would take a few hours to get to.
I got called back around 9.30 saying my truck was done, there was a bit of himming and hawing about whether I had put gas in it after it’d been serviced (which I had not) because the fuel flap (my truck is capless) was stuck and they had to clean it and the fuel line/do some other work. This is normally something they would charge for, but I immediately spoke up and said “Didn’t you guys add a fuel additive when I had service done?” the guy on the line was like.. well, yeah, I’ll talk to the technician about it, this service is on the house. I’m glad this issue didn’t cost me anything other than time, but don’t talk to me like you’re doing ME a favor when it’s your tech that fucked up in the first place.

Work has been dead for the last week, but naturally the day before I’m supposed to go out of town I get slammed. Everything seems to be ruffling my feathers too, I don’t normally mind helping people, but this is one of those ‘do it your damn self’ kind of days.

Disagreeing/fighting/having issues with Pawnce about dinner, also not helping. It’s minor, I know, but when you’re about to go on a road trip, having spicy food that has been disagreeing with your digestive system is not a good idea. I appreciate asking if I have other ideas, but when my ideas also make you think ‘that’s going to cause stomach problems later’ I just want to quit. Are there leftovers? Yes. Are there leftovers enough for both of us? No. Just one more thing I have to worry about on top of packing and getting the car ready tonight.

All of this on top of losing my wallet on Saturday after dropping off my truck for service and cancelling my cards and buying a new license. Thankfully, someone found it and called me (but didn't give it to the service guys at Ford, WTF?) and I got my debit card reactivated and have an ID. But that ate up my entire Saturday.

I wish hiding in a hole was an option.
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