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"If you could write the next Star Wars movie, what story would you tell? It could be anything: a sequel, prequel, or anything in-between. Describe your adventure in 300 words or less. Our favorite story will receive a Star Wars saga Blu-ray gift pack!"

I would leave it the fuck alone, just like he should've.

(Not to say others don't have great ideas!)
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A few weekends ago Jay and I decided to go to Florida on a relatively random whim. Our friend Larka was having an art jam at her place and promised we'd go to the beach the day after. Twisting my arm a little more we left Friday night after work and got in at about 1am. Saturday was spent gathering stuff for the art jam and just hanging around, the art jam itself was awesome and I feel I actually got things accomplished! Sunday, as promised, was spent at the beach. I hadn't touched the Atlantic ocean since I was 8, so it was neat to get to swim in it, despite stepping one something sharp and getting a small cut on my foot =/

Not much else going on. My Mom was supposed to come down this weekend but I think she finally solved her 'working from Irons' problem. She's renting a room from a friend who's got DSL. But now she's switching phone companies (to AT&T) and looking into tethering her laptop to actually work from inside the cabin, provided her signal is good enough. I told her to be aware of their limited date plans and to let me know how everything works out.

Enjoying this long weekend Jay and I went to one of the state parks in northern Georgia yesterday, Smithgall Woods.

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And now I'm stuck inside all day because the remnants of Lee are casually dumping some well needed rain on us. Not as needed as Texas but we still hadn't seen rain in close to a month and the grass was getting crunchy.
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Tres peu. I can say a few things in French (nothing helpful), count and recite the alphabet. I can count to 13 or so in German and can manage to get out "no hablo espanol". I really need to learn "take a picture it'll last longer" in Spanish or "get the fuck away from me" >>

I'd like to finish learning French as I feel I'm more apt to pay attention now then when I was in high school.


Aug. 4th, 2011 08:23 pm
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I keep saying this, but I really -really- need to quit being so lazy and waiting for multiple events to happen before I post about it.


Funeral... )

AC and Vancouver... )

Little has been going on lately. I was supposed to go home this weekend to watch my Dad race and attend my step-mom’s 60th birthday party out at the lake but after taking 3 days for the funeral I just don’t want to spend the money to fly up there, nor the extra vacation day. So I’m staying here, going to MFF in November (plane tickets pending) and going home around the holidays for about 10 days instead.

I’ve been in a bit of a rut as far as art goes, but I’m slowly working out of it. I’ve got 2 large projects that need starting and I’m unhappy with the roughs I’ve done so far, so I’ve moved onto a few smaller projects to get my art juices flowing.
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A slug! :D It was... slimy, no real taste. I'd do it again, for another 5 bucks ;)

Something of substance later... or when I have more time.
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My Mom called at 5.43 pm, EST. My Grandma is gone...

She tried to pull the 'stay there' but I would have none of it, I want to be there, and I will.

Still waiting on the official plans, but the viewing will most likely be Sunday evening. Mass will be at 11am on Monday. This would mean I'm leaving on Saturday, or very very early on Sunday. I will probably leave on Saturday, concidering I have an extra 3 hours to tack onto a normally 12-13 hour drive.

Because of my destination I will be taking I-75 all the way up. Different from my usual 75 to 24 to 65 to 69 to 96 route. I will most likely return on Wednesday. My flight for AC leaves at 10 or so Thursday evening.

I'm just glad she's not suffering anymore, not knowing who her children are, or even who she is...


Jun. 15th, 2011 04:50 pm
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My Mom texted me yesterday, around this time. Hospice says my Grandma, who's had Alzheimer's for years, has less than a week left. She's up there now, just waiting. And I'm trying not to stress out.

Selfishly, this could seriously screw with my AC plans. But I think I'll manage to make it to the funeral services should they be on any day but next Thursday, Friday or the following Monday. My Mom is aware that I may not make it, and, thankfully, is fine with it. I can always go visit my Grandma once is she buried in the little cemetery in (ironically) Irons, Mi (Mom has a cabin there) next to her 2nd husband, George. I will most likely end up eating the cost of my plane tickets (I'll find out how AirTran is going to deal with this when/if the time comes) and drive a ridiculous amount in a short amount of time (Atlanta to Michigan, Michigan to Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh to Atlanta, or reversed!). But, I will do this if that means I can be there.

I know she's been ready for go for a few months, she's said so herself.

This isn't as big of a deal as most people I know who've lost grandparents. She is my only living grandparent left, but we were never close, it was a bit hard, distance (living 3 hours north of us) and just, sheer volume of grandchildren. For those of you that don't know, my Mom's side of the family is very large. She's one of 10 children, and my Grandma is Catholic. This is resulted in me being one of 52 grandchildren and great grand children. Myself and a few of my cousins sat down a few years ago and counted everyone. I think there's been a few births since then so tack on about 3 more. If you include everyone's significant other, our family gathers get quite large. Granted, I know not everyone is going to be able to make to the funeral.

I'm thankful my last memories of her will be sitting at my one of my Aunt's houses talking about what she's done in life and the friends she's had.
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The Stand by Stephen King, the unabridged version. God damn that was a long book, good though.

Shortest one was probably something in college for my Kid's Book Lit class.


Jun. 4th, 2011 11:58 am
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The air conditioning got fixed yesterday while I was at work! It was so nice to come home to a cool house again.

The fuse on the AC unit blew, due to... a few factors. The wiring is apparently a bit 'meh' and there was no filter on the furnace so the coils and such in the unit were quited nasty. The AC guy cleaned the unit, replaced the fuse and gave use a filter to fit the furnace. We're good to go, for now. AC guy was going to call our property managers and let them know what's up (the wiring should be fixed and there's a 1/2 inch gap under the furance that shouldn't be there) and the property people are going to let the owner go and... we'll go from there.

I'm a bit miffed about the lack of filter on the furnace. When we were looking at the house orignal, a year and a half ago the lady showing us the house saw the hole in the floor in the hallway upstairs, with a grate on it and said, 'I think that's where the filter goes.' The house is old so I didn't question it. For the entire time we've been living here, I've been replacing the 12x12 inch filter under the grate in the hole in the floor. I looked, several times around/near/on the furnace for a filter before I even started messing with the one upstairs and I could never find it! But now I know where it is =p Hopefully all other things will get resolved in a timely manner, as I don't know if the AC is going to shit again... I hope not.

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Derp derp, a wolf and a cat. Duh. Or, more specifically, a jaguar.


Jun. 1st, 2011 08:41 pm
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Our air conditioning has been out since Saturday, but we didn't notice until Sunday because everyone was around the house then. It was 97 degrees today. I. Am. Dying. D:

Thankfully, Jay and I sleep in the basement and my mother is staying in my room which is also in the basement. I feel bad for Marrow and her dog though. They stay hydrated and have a few fans going at night.

We put in a request with our property manager on Sunday, but because of the holiday weekend, waited until Tuesday to call them. I don't know what the flip was going on over there but they didn't deal with our request until Jay called them that afternoon and said they would call and AC company to make an appointment with us. Never heard from the AC company until today at some point. They'll be out on Friday between noon and 3. Not super happy about that. Jay called the property manager today and kinda of let them have it. There's half of this house we cannot use because it's so damn hot, the windows suck and we can't open/close them well so we can't do window/fan roulette, the windows are as old as the house (1946) and single pane (we accidentally broke the glass on one trying to get it open). Jay threatened to not pay full rent if these guys don't hurry up, which the maintenance guy said he'd bring a window AC unit out today. Being as late as it is we probably won't see that until tomorrow, hopefully.
My mom made a good point, even when the AC guy comes out on Friday to look at the unit he may not be able to fix it that day and we may not be able to get it fixed until next week.
I get crankier just thinking about it...
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I want to do a big post with outdoor photos but... I'm lazy and haven't gotten there yet >>

In the meantime!

Work has been, work. Art has been art, still working through commissions and will still, at some point, open to the public again.

I've bought some plane tickets recently, have one more to go once prices go down. I've got my tickets to AnthroCon, and then to Vancouver to get Bishop a week later and to stay for a week, very excited about that trip :) Waiting to buy a flight home in August to watch my Dad do autocross at the track in Owosso, which will be much different then witnessing parking lot racing at Hamtramck a few years ago.

My mother will be arriving sometime in the early evening (5? 6?) on Saturday and staying for an undetermined amount of time 2 weeks. Why? Because she's my Mom and she's awesome. But really, because my step-dad goes fishing in Grad Marais, MI for a week with his buddies every year and she doesn't feel like staying home by herself. She works remote so she will be working at our house while the rest of us also work every day.


Apr. 12th, 2011 02:52 pm
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Photos that [ profile] wlfdog sent me of my puppy, Bishop :)

Slideshow... )

For Sale

Feb. 23rd, 2011 06:55 pm
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My HP Touchsmart tx2z. Purchased in November of '09. Highlighted in blue is a small surface scuff.

Large photos here

I know what's it's worth, and I know I'm not going to get that. Taking any reasonable offers around $900 or so? Don't be shy!

E-mail me: shadlycruestudios[at] if you're interested :)

Thanks for looking!
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Not including the drawing I'm currently working on, (or these other 2 projects I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about) I have 3 more people on my, once very long, commission list. After them I will do a last call to anyone that couldn't come up with anything or said 'come back later'. And then! ... I get to open up publicly for commissions and start taking trades (art for baked goods, art for knitting?). This probably won't happen until Mid-April or so as work gets NUTS right after FWA, but it's still exciting, for me :)

Small victories X)
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I can't pick just one...

Penis envy says:

But I would like this:

Or something fast. No preference on what, as long as it comes in black >>

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Purchase? No purchase. I'd pay off my truck, student loan and piddly credit card I have.
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I loved seeing everyones snow/ice photos :D I asked my parents to send me theirs so I could share.

Dad's friend, Chuck, in the driveway at the Lake house. They went out on Saturday to try and shovel/snow blow the driveway but it was too solid/packed to do anything. Chuck is a little taller then me (5' 9" or so?)
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