Oct. 3rd, 2011

mahrkale: (Ha!)
Alright, so, since I’m not on some form of hormonal contraceptive my face is... less than stellar, not bad just not what I want. Acne is one of the ‘side effects’ to my IUD, it’s really just going from something that’s good for your skin to something that doesn’t help it at all. This summer was particularly less than awesome and my confidence is not always there. I am almost 27 years old, I should not have pimples :| The weather is changing and my face is getting butter but I still wanted something that could help me out that isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg. I was originally looking for stuff(s?) I could snag in a drug store and was ready to do that until I stumbled on acne.org. They tell you exactly what’s in their products and how you go about finding your own in a drug store. I’m lazy, though, so I ordered a 1-2 month supply to test. You’re supposed to see results in about 2 weeks. At which point I’ll figure out if I want to order more or not.

Anyway, my kit came on Saturday and I started using it yesterday. Here’s to clearer skin!

To anyone saying ‘change your diet!’. I can’t think of anything to change. I don’t eat like crap all the time, very little greasy food or chocolate. I’ll have a pop occasionally but I try to stick to tea/juice/water.

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