Jun. 27th, 2012


Jun. 27th, 2012 03:56 pm
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I check my F-list everyday, several times a day and yet have a hard time putting anything on here =/ I feel bad.

Alright, so updates since last time:

- Not moving departments at work now, they can’t find anyone to replace me in Mass Channel (surprised? No, not really).

- Went to Orlando for Memorial weekend, that was awesome.

- Had my Dad down very briefly for the Roger Waters Wall Tour concert, that was very awesome.

- About to have Chibi Marrow come down for the weekend as Terri’s daughter’s 1st birthday party is on Sunday. It’s supposed to be triple digits all weekend, starting on Friday. I think I’m going to die.

- Tentatively planning some trips this summer. I should be going home the week of Labor Day in which I’ll help my Mom move down here to live with us until I GTFO of Atlanta. Depending on when and how long I may also make it out to the Four Corners on a motorcycle with my Dad and his friends. I’m hoping that trip gets pushed back to next year as it’s incredibly last minute for me and I’m running out of vacation days.

- My next con is MFF and I’m starting to itch like a damn addict.

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