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Considering it’s been almost a year and a half I figured I’d give an update on my life, for those interested.

I last left off trying to get out of Atlanta and move back to the Midwest for (preferably) an IT job. Well, that never happened. I wasn’t able to land anything and gave up my search shortly after my last journal. I started looking around the area at that point and my Mom put me in contact with a friend of hers that was higher up in a company and was in the process of gutting their Helpdesk. After jumping through several hoops (drug test, physical exam, psych evaluation, etc.) I landed a job as a HelpDesk Supervisor, supporting their new software that was in the process of taking over from their old stuff. The company is called Rollins and they own Orkin (and several other brands). The software I’m supporting is called ServSuite and is only deployed to 27 of approx. 500 branches, they stopped deployment shortly after I got there due to some major issues that needed fixing.

I only did the Helpdesk thing for about 3 months, I got pulled for a different part of the project and now own setup for the software. I enjoy this a lot more and am on loan to our conversion team until the end of the year as I’ve been assisting with getting all our ducks in a row for some time now and we’re going to start up deployment again in August.

I’ve been with the company almost a year and I’m quite happy with my job, it’s the mental stimulation I needed without long hours and it following me home. I don’t care for the dress code though, I went from casual, jeans and a t-shirt to business clothes. Doesn’t suit me well :p But I deal.

On the heels of landing this new job I wasted no time in getting out of the rental house I was in and buying my own. It was a quick processes and literally the first house I seriously looked at out in a suburb called Tucker. I live in a 3 bedroom/2 bath with a 2 car garage and a walk out basement, it only had one owner, an old lady, so while it needs updating (house projects have been eating a lot of my time and money) it’s a solid building and I have been enjoying having it.

My Mom still lives with me and assists/does most of the project in the house since she needs something to do and has always been handy. Thankfully the place needs little more than the wallpaper removed and painting done. I’ve got other projects in mind but nothing that needs to be done immediately.

I still do art on the side, though that’s be slow with the purchase of the house, may be shifting gears creatively here soon but I’ll always doodle or something, I could never give it up completely.

My dog and cat are good, and strange as animals have a tendency to be X) Car is running good, had a part replaced on it last September that was under warranty, I was very impressed at how well Ford took care of me on that one.

I have a boyfriend-ish, [ profile] corazon_de_leon. He’ll actually be moving in with me in the next few weeks, coming from outside of Chicago, IL. He’s a graduate of NIU with a BA in English, currently finishing up their teaching program he’ll be licensed in both states and will, hopefully, find a secondary teaching job down here. We’ve been doing the long distance visit thing for a little over a year but I still hope we don’t kill each other when he gets down here :)
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