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Been meaning to write about this, sorry!

Our flight out was more or less uneventful, except there were screaming babies, 4 of them. I managed to get some sleep but my traveling companions (Pawnce and Cosieko) didn’t, they kept themselves entertained with movies and whatnot. Flight wasn't that long, roughly 2 hours which is similar to going to Chicago. Got shuttled to the rental car lot, got our vehicle, which was a very nice Chevy Equinox (I’m not a GM person, but I would have one of those) and immediately went to Kroger because they close at 1am, got mixers then grabbed Taco Bueno (which I’ve never had before, but was tasty) and went to the hotel.

A friend had moved his room at the main hotel to me earlier in the week, but when I went to check in they couldn’t find me. They found the room but it wasn’t in our name. After trying to get a hold of my friend and being unable I called the front desk and asked for reservations, which transfers you to the 1-800 number, I explained to them what was going on and passed my phone to the front desk agent. Everything was taken care of, thankfully, so we headed up to our room. Proceeded to drop our stuff then go see Sparky, Genwyn and Sari in their room as they had done a liquor store run earlier in the day and had picked up some for us. We spent the rest of that evening socializing with them :)

Saturday was spent exploring the con and trying to catch up with people I haven’t met or wanted to spend more time with. We had a good time and the con was laid out nicely. We went to dinner at The Flying Saucer and I got in Random for a little bit before meeting up with Malaika and talking with her, Street and Theolonius the rest of the evening.

That was basically our only day at the con X) Sunday while we were at (very late) breakfast we were checking the weather and came to the conclusion we should probably drive back to Atlanta. Dallas was under a winter storm warning and we were the last flight on Southwest out of Love Field that evening, and we all had to work the next day. So we swapped rental cars because they wouldn’t let me keep the Equinox and drove back to Atlanta. After dropping the rental off and driving home from the airport (where my car was parked) I think we went to bed at 5am. I don’t think anyone went to work that next day @.@

Overall, great con! I’d love to spend more time there, hopefully next year :) I was surprised to hear they were only 50 people shy of tying FWA for attendance, it totally didn’t seem like that many people!

So on Saturday while talking to friends in the Alley I walked by this table and saw something very familiar, so I stopped to chat with the guy and, admittedly, I got nasty pretty quick. The guy was selling a perler/pixel/bead badge that looked exactly like Boyne, but without the teeth. My very good friend, Poonya, made me a bead badge for him some years ago and I was pissed to see this guys selling almost an exact replica. I got him to admit he’d gotten all his premade designs online, which confirmed he didn’t just make it up and it was a coincidence. Unfortunately I never got a photo of the badge before it was sold (I walked off way too angry to care at the time) but Pawnce got their business card and I’ve been looking for it since. Here’s the original (bottom right)

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