Jan. 6th, 2015

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Figured I’d get this typed up while getting back into the swing of things at work.

Headed back to Michigan for holiday this year. We left on the 24th and made it in around 7pm, just in time for Chanukah dinner. We saw snow, big flakes, when we stopped in Charlotte, MI for gas but it had turned to rain by the time we got into Grand Rapids, and that would be the only snow we saw for the time. Pretty bummed out about that, I think that’s only my 3rd or 4th non-white Christmas in Michigan.

We stayed with my Dad and relaxed/lazed around for most of the trip. Saw one of my brothers on the 26th with his wife and my nephew and did a bunch of running around on Saturday. We went to the public museum, which I hadn’t been too since middle school, I think, and I got to show [livejournal.com profile] corazon_de_leon around the city a bit. We went and saw my cousin, Shanon, who has been battling breast cancer for 2 years, it metastasized in her lungs recently and got a round of chemo, which works really well, but caused her lungs to collapse so she’s recovering from that. Her spirits are good, and she’s looking forward to being able to go home soonish (at the time she’d been in the hospital 43 days). That night we went with my Dad to a Griffin’s hockey game, which was awesome since they won, by a lot. Wandered over to Grand Rapids Brewing Co. after and had a few beers and a nibble, all of which was very tasty. Managed to drag them to Stella’s for whiskey and old arcade games before heading home.

We left on Monday to get back to Atlanta, as I had to be at work for Tuesday and Wednesday. We went out Wednesday night to a small party at a friend’s house, which was very enjoyable. Got to see and socialize with friends we haven’t seen lately due to busy schedules on everyone’s part. Spent the rest of my 4 day weekend doing very little and being unmotivated. I wish I had used my time more wisely, but, meh, it was good to relax.

Things acquired for Christmas:
Christmas cards from friends!
Galaxy Note 8
Guitar Hero
Guitar Hero II
Snow leopard plush backpack
Target gift card
2 pairs of earrings

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