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So much easier to keep up with all things LJ if work didn’t strip the CSS/Java out of the site.

Anyway, time for some updates.

Work: I’m still ‘on loan’ to our conversion team and will be with them until (at least) we’re done deploying to all Orkin branches, which is probably another 2 years or so, depending. Still enjoying work, yadda yadda.

House is, house-y. I’m down to the 2nd bathroom and the master bedroom that need paint. Want to at least get the bedroom done before my Mom leaves, which she’s guesstimating around the end of March/April, but her decisions seem to change weekly/monthly.

Pawnce [ profile] corazon_de_leon moved down in May and got a job teaching 6th grade gifted language arts at a middle school out in Lilburn. At this point, he hates it X) The district he works for is paying for his gifted re-certification (he was certified in Illinois already but apparently that doesn’t reciprocate down here) and most of his kids are good he’s just not cut out for middle school. He’ll be looking for a high school position in the spring.

Other things of note: I got asked to be a Guest of Honor at Midwest Furfest next year, which I am ridiculously excited about! Should be a lot of fun, I’ve never had a bad MFF, even this past year with the evacuation. I’m very, VERY close to finishing my current art queue, and then I’m going to take a break until MFF needs me. I’m feeling the burnout and there’s attention I would like to pay to my house (and other things) in prep for roommate(s) in some months. I think I failed to mention in my last update that I’ve strayed from SmartPhoneLand. I deactivated my Galaxy Nexus last October, picking up something cheap/basic with a slide-out keyboard (I’ve rotated models, heavily, that’s it’s own story though) but contract renewal didn’t happen until May, so I’m ‘stuck’ with a basic phone until 2016.

Will be headed back to Michigan for this holiday season and already have a museum trip planned and a hockey game. We’ll be driving, with Bishop, and only spending 4 non-travel days there but it’ll be needed relaxation for me.

Contemplating throwing my Twitter posts on here, no @replies, just posts. Worried about spam though? I don't post more than 3 times a day usually

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